Monday, February 14, 2011

Neglecting my Blog, but not my sheep

It has been quite a while since I posted and some people have asked if the Blog is still active. It is. Due to a busy work schedule I opted not to AI, or even breed at all this year. It does take some time and energy that I just couldn't dedicate. I also downsized the flock to 5 (a 75% ram lamb, a 75% ewe lamb and three 50% ewes). More manageable.


  1. I'm Welsh living in US, looking for Kerry Hills (I'm from near Kerry). I'd be interested in getting involved in your project, if you are likely to be selling any.

  2. Krys,

    Thanks for checking in, and glad to hear you're familiar in Kerry Hills.

    I do sell them. But I think there will be no lambs from me until spring 2012. I opted out of breeding this season due to work commitments. You can either keep an eye on the blog or email me, you can leave contact info in a post (I moderate the comments and don't post emails or phone numbers).


  3. I am an avid handspinner. I've just gotten a sample of Kerry Hill fleece from a friend in the UK, and I quite like it. Do you by chance have fleeces for sale? Thanks!

    Jennifer Leigh
    Seattle, WA

  4. Hello, I found pictures of these pretty sheep and did a Google search to see if any were available in the US, which brought me here. Where are you located? I'm in southeastern Indiana, and am giving some thought to raising Kerry Hill sheep. I'm a handspinner, is their wool nice for spinning? How large do they get? Very interested in your project and maybe becoming part of it. We live on five acres and I'd love my own spinning flock. These sheep are adorable!

  5. Jennifer and anonymous.

    Yes, when we have some, we do sell wool. And we are located in central Virginia.

  6. Could I possibly get a small sample of the wool to see what it's like for spinning? I'm the Anonmymous poster above (couldn't figure out how to log in) and we're very interested in purchasing sheep from you when you get them to the 15/16 stage and are interested in selling. Let me know and I will give you my address for sending a sample. Thanks!!!!

    Cara Randall

    P.S. Are you the only Kelly Hill shepherd in America now??? :^)

  7. Cara,

    Yes, we do sell wool, (my 15 year old actually- it's part of his 'share' of the spoils given that the animals are work). And we have sold it by the pound (as little as one pound for a sample). Leave me your email and I'll have him get into touch.

    There is fellow on the west coast with KH Semen (Martin Daly). And I have semen from two different Rams. There is one lady who has a 50% ram lamb and 50% ewe lamb from me. And a couple in Maine who have my original AI 50% ram's, two AI 50% ewes and some miscellaneous from me, with the intent of AIing with my semen should they find a vet that make the jiurney up there.

    IIt will be a few years from now to 15/16ths, but keep an eye on the blog.

  8. How do we reach you about purchasing fleece? There's no contact info on any of your sites.

  9. jennifer, I left my contact info on your blog. But I'm rkfarnsworth at yahoo dot com.